Ball Washer Units and Accessories

#301 Ball Washer

Cast from durable and rust free aluminium. Internal parts are stainless steel and high strength plastic. Simple design with only one moving part. All replacement parts are available. Stock colours: red, green & black.


For your convenience, here are some ball washer console units. Pick one of our popular packages, or create your own packages by yourself with different combination. You can even pick the colour.

#3101 Ball Washer Console Unit 1

#3102 Ball Washer Console unit 2

#3103 Ball Washer Console Unit 3


#3050 Waste Bin

Durable polyethylene to ensure no rust and no dent. The bottom container is available in (3) colors: Red, Green & Black. And the lid color is black only. Capacity of 9 gal. (34 liter). Designed to stack for shipping.


#3001 Aluminium Base

Cast aluminium, 18″(46cm) diameter. With spikes included for stability.


#3061 Single Unit Pole Mount Kit

Made of aluminium alloy. Surface is anodized black.


#3000 Complete Ball Washer Repair Kit

Complete kit to fix ball washer.











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