Distance Marking Stakes

#3222 Plastic Distance Markers

2”(5.0cm) diameter, 24”(61cm) long recycled plastic lumber with stainless steel spike. Colourful yardage number decals at the top. Highly visible and virtually unbreakable. Ideal for designating yardage to the green.

#3232 Engraved Colours

2”(5.0cm) diameter, 24”(61cm) in length (plus spike). Molded with UV-resistant colours, maintenance free, will not rot or crack. Yardage number can be engraved and poured.

#3236 Engraved Distance Markers

Recycle plastic 3-1/1″ (9cm) square post with wood grain surface, 32″ (81cm) long. Engraved and poured number on two sides of post. Two stainless steel spikes included for portable application. Custom markers are available upon request.



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