Explanar Putting Mat


#DEX10103 – Explanar Mat 3m

#DEX10104 – Explanar Mat 4m

As any tour professional will tell you, the two most important putting skills are the ability to roll the ball and to consistently start putts on the correct line. The Explanar Putting Mat helps you do both.

  • Your brain calculates distance, speed and feel on the assumption that the golf ball is ‘rolling’ towards the target.

  • A rolling golf ball travelling at the correct speed will hold its intended line. When the ball decelerates, it is more likely to deviate from that line.

  • To hole more putts, you must develop the ability to visualise and then consistently start your putts on your intended line. 

Available in 3-metre and 4-metre versions, the Explanar Putting Mat has been designed to help you develop a consistent and repeatable putting stroke, as well as fix the most common and destructive faults. It is made from high quality materials and its True Velour surface runs just like a real green at 10.5 on the Stimpmeter.

  • Visualise the perfect line every time

  • Angled sight lines help cure pushed and pulled putts

  • Distance segments enable you to practise putts of differing lengths – from 2ft to 10ft

  • Multicoloured lines improve your aim and putter face alignment


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