Flagsticks (Tournament)

#AP3313 Tournament Flagsticks

Tapered Javelin style flagsticks feature extra thickness in the center for increased strength, visibility and wind resistance. Solid fibreglass flagstick with a coloured polyurethane coating.

Size:1/2”(12.7mm) diameter at the top and bottom, 3/4”(19mm)diameter at the center, comes standard with an aluminium ferrule.

Order information:
AP3313A 7.5′ Solid White
AP3313C 7.5′ White/Black British Stripe
AP3313E 7.5′ White/30” Black Bottom
AP3313F 7.5′ Solid Yellow
AP3313G 7.5′ Yellow/Black British Stripe
AP3313H 7.5′ Yellow/30” Black Bottom



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