Liquid Boron

Liquid Boron

A boron solution for use as both a foliar feed and fertigation.

What is Liquid Boron:
• Liquid Boron is a Boron containing liquid fertilizer that is effective in the correction of deficiencies, the prevention of deficiencies under adverse climatic conditions and the maintenance of Boron levels in crops, especially during peak growth periods.

Benefits of Liquid Boron:
• Liquid Boron is completely soluble in water and can be applied through foliar applications of fertigation.
• Liquid Boron can also be applied as a soil application.
• Good compatibility with other agricultural chemicals.
• Precaution must be taken when mixing Liquid Boron with pH sensitive chemicals.
• The Liquid Boron product formulation ensures ease of use.
• Liquid Boron provides producers with the solution to boost Boron levels rapidly into targeted areas of the crop during critical growth periods


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