Pattisson Pro Aluminium Hole Cup

DCA29420 Pattisson Aluminium Pro Hole Cup

Nothing looks worse than a flagstick leaning to one side. This happens when the cup and ferrule get worn out due to windy conditions together with dirt, sand and grit that get in between the ferrule and cup. Often the flagstick gets stuck when golfers try to remove the flagstick from the hole.


With the Pattisson Pro Cup and the Pattisson ferrule the flagstick will always click into place, meaning that the flagstick cannot turn around in the cup. Also the grooved ferrule makes sure that the dirt and sand pass through the cup leaving the cup and ferrule clean. No more sticking and flagsticks standing perfectly straight, as they should! The bright white sleeve can be placed inside the aluminium cup to create a white hole cup, that has the traditional sound of an aluminium cup but without chipped paint. When the white sleeve gets dirty, just replace them. Or why not personalise the cup with your logo? The ferrule also has the same effect in combination with the Pattisson plastic cup.


  • Aluminium
  • Easy to set and fit
  • Pattisson pro flagsticks fits perfectly
  • Flagsticks do not lean or turn in cup
  • No chipped paint
  • Size: 15 x 10,8 cm
  • Packed: 9 per carton




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