Ultima 12 Ball Dispenser

Ultima 12 Cone Top BALL DISPENSER

With internal wash
Capacity of 12 000 balls
Measurement 1012x760x2056 mm (Weight: 89kg)

Handles approx 12000 balls. A Souped-Up version of a classic, the Ultima is the most flexible and reliable ball dispenser available today. Building on over 30 years of experience at the driving range, The Ultima provides today’s range owner with the best opportunity to sell more golf balls. Infinitely flexible, you can sell any size bucket.

Our Golf Ball Dispensers count each and every ball as they leave the machine, so you can set to dispense any ball count you need. Since our Dispensers have Smart Circuitry your Small, Medium, and Large Buckets can be absolutely any size. The possibilities are infinite. Capacity approx 12000 balls.



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