AquaSmart Drench


A uniquely formulated penetrant and surfactant for consistent, medium term soil moisture control.

DRENCH is a unique formulation of advanced penetrants and concentrated spreaders. This combination works to relieve the conditions causing hydrophobic layers in thatch and soils. Drench is ideal for application to all sports turf, from golf tee to green, and from stadium to school playing field. Drench provides for the deep, consistent moisture profile throughout the root zone that is critical to turf quality, for periods of up to 45 days.

DRENCH is formulated with the highest quality cosmetic grade non-ionic surfactants and wetting agents. This unique water based formulation allows for application at any time of the year with no phytotoxicity.

DRENCH contains 100% active ingredients, allowing for a very low dose application programme, and the instant re-wetting ability greatly reduces irrigation evaporation and runoff. This can provide for a reduction in irrigation water inputs of greater than 30%.

DRENCH is an environmentally safe premium surfactant that is ideal for turf, agricultural and horticultural applications.

DRENCH can be injected through irrigation systems and/or tank mixed for spray application.

  • Cost effective
  • Medium term wetting agent: 30-45 days
  • Provides a uniform soil moisture profile
  • Reduces water usage
  • Increases nutrient uptake
  • Programmed approach has ‘top up’ effect
  • Low rates have cummulative benefits
  • Compatible with most tank sprays


Greens – Tank mix 10 L per hectare in 600 – 800Lts water. Apply two applications the first month at 15 to 30 day interval. Repeat with 2.5 to 5Lts at 30 day intervals throughout the growing season.

Golf and General Turf – Tank mix 5 to 10 L per hectare in 600 – 800Lts water. Repeat after 15 to 30 days. Repeat with 2.5-5Lts at 30 day intervals if required.

Inject at 1.75 to 5 L per hectare. Apply two applications the first month at 15 day intervals. Repeat at 1.75 to 5L per hectare every 30 days or whenever conditions require.



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