AquaSmart RENU


A combination of mildly cleansing polymers and surfactants that dissolve hydrophobic coatings in the root zone, restoring the growing medium to its original condition.

RENU is the corrective approach to managing water repellency in fine turf.

RENU is a formulation of the latest developments in the technology to combat water repellency in growing mediums.

RENU is specifically designed to safely remove the water repellent surfaces that quickly accumulate after new turf is established. This occurs naturally, often within a few months, and is normally found within the upper two inches of the root zone of fine turf areas. This repellency results in an immediate reduction in water infiltration rates and can lead, in time, to a serious decline in the health of the desired grasses. This turf decline often results in compensatory measures such as more frequent watering and fertilising, which in turn, can lead to a build up of thatch and other organic matter, an encroachment of foreign grasses such as poa annua, an increase in disease and/ or inputs of fungicides, and generally soft and difficult to manage playing surfaces.

Developing true, firm, dry and healthy playing surfaces should always be the primary objective of any turf management programme, and RENU is one of the latest tools for management to utilise in achieving this outcome. Latest research has demonstrated that a single application of RENU can remove as much as 20% of water repellent coatings in USGA specification sand based greens. Consistent use of RENU at prescribed rates will have the effect of returning the sand particles to their original condition.

This cleansing, or renewal, of previously water repellent surfaces in the upper layer of the root zone, will allow for the immediate entry and uniform movement of water away from the surface and down into the lower soil profile producing optimum conditions for healthy and vibrant biological activity around the root structures. As a direct result, surfaces will be drier, which means less potential for disease, and firmer, giving a much truer playing surface. The promotion of correct moisture levels lower in the growing profile will promote a deeper and healthier root system, which in turn will provide support to the surface through all the normal seasonal stresses associated with finely mowed turf.

RENU will greatly assist in achieving long term sustainability of greens and other finely cut playing surfaces.

RENU has the following attributes: 

  • It gives confidence in the sustainability of investment by removing a major contributor to the decline of fine turf surfaces over time.
  • It gives an immediate improvement to the water flow dynamics from the surface down into and throughout the soil profile.
  • It will create a drier and firmer playing surface.
  • It will provide for a beneficial uniform soil, air and water mix within the soil profile for upwards of 45 days.
  • It provides for a cost effective foundation to any water management programme.


Currative rate for golf greens, sports turf and lawns. 

Depending on the severity of the problem, tank mix 10 to 20 lts per hectare in 600 – 800lts of water. Apply 2 applications at 14 to 30 day intervals.


Either commence with the above curative rate as the first stage of your seasonal wetting agent programme, apply throughout the season as and when required, or at a reduced rate of 5 to 10lts per hectare as part of your planned maintenance programme. Reduce other inputs accordingly.

Ensure that irrigation follows after any application of RENU to ensure the product is thoroughly washed into the root zone.




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