FLO-GYP is a highly concentrated source of calcium and sulphur to improve soil structure by reducing sodium build-up and increasing calcium levels in soil. It will also improve plant growth and rectify calcium imbalances in soil.

• Calcium and sulphur are sources of plant nutrition.
• Sulphur is provided as sulphate (SO4) which is the only form plants can utilise sulphur. FLO-GYP has a neutral pH
• Sulphate is known to leach sodium in the soil, thereby improving cation balance and plant growth.
• FLO-GYP may be an effective means of correcting low or high soluble salt problems in soils.
• FLO-GYP may:
• Flocculate clay soils to improve soil structure.
• Improve compacted soil.
• Improve water infiltration rate.
• Reduce soil crusting.
• Prevent or reduce clay dispersion and swelling.
• Increase water absorption of soils.
• Improve the uptake of nitrogen (N) by crops
• Make slightly wet soils easier to till.
• Create a favourable soil EC to improve plant growth.
• Decrease heavy-metal toxicity in soils.
• Improve fruit quality and prevent infection by plant diseases.
• Improve soil for no-till management.
• Decrease the toxic effect of sodium chloride (NaCI) salinity
• Help keep clay particles from adhering to roots, bulbs and tubers (e.g. potatoes).
• Decrease loss of fertiliser nitrogen to the environment.
• Act as a source of oxygen for plants.

• FLO-GYP uses low application rates, and is therefore more cost effective.
• FLO-GYP is easy to handle and apply.
• Depending on the dosage, rain or irrigation as well as environmental conditions, a prolonged effect can be expected.
• The small particle size can improve uptake via plant roots.


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