OxyTurf provides a solution to anaerobic soil conditions and the symptoms thereof by releasing low levels of dissolved oxygen as part of a biological process. It reduces organics, de-compacts the soil profile and at the same time offers a firm playing surface.

OxyTurf is applied to combat black layer, anaerobic conditions, slow root development, disease-infected turf, thatch and generally to assist with aeration or replace mechanical aeration if and where it is not possible.

OxyTurf offers you a de-compacted soil profile and a firm playing surface that the players give excellent feedback on.

Increased Oxygen and a greater absorption area results in a greater root mass and ultimately a healthier turf grass, more resilient against stress and disease.

Thatch will decompose and start reducing after 3 months of application.

OxyTurf can also be applied monthly as part of your spray program.



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