OxyFlow provides a solution for pipe and irrigation systems, cleaning and flushing pipelines and canals as well as unblocking nozzles and filters. No control measures are required when releasing OxyFlow.

OxyFlow can be applied to:

  • Piping systems with organic build-up
  • Pipe systems with scale & calcification
  • MRB Membranes with organics & calcification
  • Drain systems
  • Fat traps
  • Storm water systems
  • Irrigation systems
  • Systems where systematic clogging occur

OxyFlow benefits:

  • Cleans pipes systems, drippers, filters and sprinklers.
  • Removes any organic build-up from system
  • Breaks down scale & calcification
  • No control measures required for discharge of product
  • Applicable through once off shock treatment or continuous dosing


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